Gurgaon, Haryana, India


Protecting vulnerable populations with crowdsourced data


Street harassment and violence against women continue to be linked issues in every country, particularly in India, where both shot to national attention after the Delhi gang rape case in 2012. Run-down infrastructure, dim or no lighting, and open wiring can all make streets unsafe, particularly for women and underprivileged groups.


The Indian-developed app Safetipin uses crowdsourced data to rank public spaces by to safety rating. Individuals, communities, researchers, NGOs, government and service providers can access data and share information on the app, which uses nine parameters to rate safety. The app also offers a personal tracking option that enables a user to provide the information of someone they trust to track them in real-time. The app has expanded to Colombia, Kenya, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Peace Engineering Takeaway

One of the two co-founders of Safetipin is a woman who has led and advised numerous women's organizations, making for an evidence-based application.
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